88 Vivian Way
San Rafael, CA 94901
Store Phone: (415) 257-4978
Gen. Info. : 1-800-570-5111

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$3.00 off Extra large Pizza
$2.00 off Extra large Pizza
$1.00 off Extra large Pizza
Minimum 4 toppings
Mon / Tues / Wed
$3.00 off Large / Extra Large
$2.00 off Medium
$1.00 off Small
4-topping pizza coupon
Large 16" Pizza
$9.99 Toppings Extra.
with this coupon
Free 2-Liter Soda
With purchase of $13.99 or more on a pizza.
Six Free Bread Stix
With purchase of Extra-Large
3 Topping Pizza
2 Medium Pizzas
1 Topping Pizzas additional toppings $1.10

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